Kelo Kabab ( KSA )


Branding - Interior Design




The idea of ​​establishing Kilo Kebab started in 2017, when we saw that the most popular sandwich in the Arab world was not served and was not presented properly, so we decided to offer a popular product in a modern dress in terms of the diversity of products that wore the shawarma robe and the innovations that changed the shape and concept of shawarma while retaining the original shawarma as the leader the list. The first branch was opened on 1/1/2018, and praise be to God, it developed a very strong resonance, so that the second branch was opened on 1/7/2018 to keep pace with the labor market and provide the product to all segments of society. We were near them throughout the eastern region. And in the future to all the cities of our beloved kingdom We are proud that the entity is based on the thought and work of our ambitious Saudi youth, whose ambitions have no ceiling but the clouds.